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Hannah"People laughed when I said I was using old-fashioned direct mail to market my salon...but their faces turned to amazement when I got nearly fifty 'lost clients' back, spending thousands..."


Hannah Burgess, Owner, Oasis Health & Beauty Spa, High Wycombe UK, November 17, 2013

[VIDEO] UK salon owner Hannah Burgess reveals how she re-discovered the power of words on paper to smash sales records

Greg oldMy name is Greg Milner, I’m the CEO of Worldwide Salon Marketing… words cannot describe my level of frustration watching salon owners across the world wasting their precious hard earned money on marketing and advertising that is just pointless. To be brutal, you’re better off standing in the bathroom and flushing $100 bills down the toilet than waste your money on most of what passes for ‘pretty’ (but useless) salon & spa marketing.

How would I know? Since launching the original Toolkit in 2004, I’ve helped at least 4,956 salons around the world boost their annual sales by $100,000, $200,000…in fact as much as half a million dollars simply by using the ads, flyers and client sales letters I’ve written for them.

(Such figures seem outlandish, unachievable - yet you need only watch some of our video testimonials here to know that these are not merely unsupported claims. But even if you could increase your annual sales by as little as $20,000, wouldn't that be worth the tiny investment of just $US77?)

Now you can get some of these very same ads, mailbox flyers and sales letters that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in new sales AND watch them put CA$H in your bank account in 14 days or LESS!

(For a stupidly small investment…)

toolkit-low-resThis is the world-famous Essential Salon Owner's Marketing Toolkit®, the industry-standard salon marketing & sales system that more than 4,956 of salons & spas around the world have used since it was launched back in 2004. It's packed full of proven, done-for-you ads, flyers, letters, promotions and sales-making strategies, CD and DVD fact, the most complete 'salon business in a box' system ever developed for the hair & beauty industry. The Toolkit is the foundation of our extensive online and offline salon marketing & mentoring program, called My Social Salon. 

But not all salons are ready for such a comprehensive system as My Social Salon.

So, for small salons, home salons, chair renters and booth renters, we cherry-picked a handful of the most powerful, proven direct response ad, flyer and letter templates right out of the Toolkit, and put them together into the Salon Marketing Starter Pack - perfect if you want easy-to-use marketing that you know already works for other salons.

“I did what you said and made an extra $10,000 in two weeks!”

It’s only been 3 and a half weeks since I got your strategies and the business has paid all its outstanding creditors, we can now start from a clean slate which is such a relief. Plus, in the last 4 weeks we have EASILY doubled our retail sales thanks to your in-salon sales strategies! Can’t thank you guys enough.”

Sandy Mott 'Lunatic Fringe, Queensland

There is a reason why HUNDREDS of salon owners around the world are minting money using our salon & spa marketing material, and its a shame for you not to make good money when they’re doing it so easily.

And they're doing it more easily because the hard work of creating the marketing & advertising material has already been done for them. 

Have you ever sat down and stared at a blank computer screen, wondering what to write? With the Starter Pack, you'll be able to quickly and easily turn out client-grabbing promotions, ads, flyers and letters - just like a professional copywriter.

It takes literally years to become proficient at writing copy that sells. Most salon owners spend their business lives putting out the same dreary 'me-too' promotions and ads - and getting the same dreary results.

The templates and strategies in the Starter Pack take all the hard work out of it for you.

“85 Bookings in 2 Days – we were blown away”

“In mid February Ange & I started our new marketing plan with your strategies. March is the first month of putting it into practice, we have marketing going to our clients from 7 angles. Results after 2 days – 85 bookings! As an added bonus we have sold an extra $2,500 in products as well. We were blown away by the response to your marketing strategies.”

Andrew Griggs Nails & Beauty with Attitude

In fact I'm so confident you'll be delighted with the business-building tools in the Starter Pack, I back it with my 100% Cast Iron Money Back Guarantee. 

guarantee"Use the ads, flyers, letters - anything you like - for 30 days. In the unlikely event you're not delighted with the response from clients, I WANT you to email me and let me know. I'll refund your money without question, quibble or delay, and you can keep the Starter Pack!"

“It’s brilliantly simple – our marketing response is 7 times better than we’ve ever had before!”

“I now think with a marketing brain. And if my brain doesn’t work I just copy what’s been PROVEN to work! It’s brilliantly simple!

Rachael D'Aguiar D'Aguiar Hair Skin Body, Auckland

Download your Salon Marketing Starter Pack now and get...

  • Ad and Flier templates you can use instantly to bring in new clients

    Simply download these templates in Microsoft Word format to your computer, and edit to suit your salon’s offers, insert your contact details, and print!

  • Easy-to-understand instructions and tutorials

    There’s nothing difficult about using the Starter Pack – but these instructions, tutorials and marketing guidance make it as easy as joining the dots!

PLUS, don't forget you're protected by my 100%, 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

guarantee"Use the tools and templates in the Starter Pack for a full 30-days. If in the unlikely event you're not absolutely convinced you've made at least 3 times your investment, just contact me here and I'll refund your entire investment promptly and courteously, with no questions asked. And you can of course, keep the Starter Pack!"

Signature GREG

Greg Milner, Founder & CEO, Worldwide Salon Marketing


Instant Download - Get More Clients FAST with the same proven flyers, letters & done-for-you promotions - all in the Salon Marketing Starter Pack!

Use the Salon Marketing Starter Pack for 30 days - if you're not completely convinced the tools and templates in the Starter Pack have brought in at least three times your investment, simply say so and your entire $77 will be refunded immediately - plus, you can keep using the Starter Pack for as long as you wish!

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Salon-Marketing-Starter-Pack Vol-1.

Here's what you get in Volume #1: (70 pages)

The famous 'Raise the Dead' letters - hundreds of our Member salons have used these exact same carefully-crafted letters to bring back their 'missing in action' clients, and tens of thousands of dollars in sales. (Page 55)

rupert"I love these letters, they work brilliantly for me - and the clients love getting them too." Marnie Kallmeyer, Evoque Lash Spa, Perth.

changeChange of Seasons Promotions (Pages 59-67) A series of promotions - 1 set for hair, 1 set for beauty - to boost sales four times a year.

Special Report - The Stunning Power of a Guarantee. One of the most powerful - and most under-used - marketing strategies. Here's exactly how to use it to devastating effect, without the fear of losing money. (Page 5-12)

Special Report - 'Sales Thinking', the absolutely crucial 7-step process. (Page 13-20) How to avoid the Big Mistakes almost ALL salon owners make when promoting their businesses....and how to 'think like an entrepreneur' instead of a mere hair or beauty technician!

Special Report - Riches in Niches. (page 20-22) How to easily find and exploit rich seams of niche markets - even in your existing business.

Special Report - How to Double Response to Your Marketing (Page 23-25) There are time-tested and proven tricks and techniques that have worked for decades, and still work now...if you know how.

Special Report - Why You Should Ignore Your Newspaper Ad Rep. (Page 26-29) Newspaper and magazine ad sales reps know only ONE thing - how to sell space. They don't care what your ad looks like, as long as you buy the space. Read this report and never fall for a sucker to an ad rep again.

Download Vol. #1 NowJust $49 - 30 Day Guarantee



Here's what you get in Volume #2: (40 Pages)

The mailbox flyer that brought in 25 new clients in just 24 hours! Simple, easy to modify, and gets results!

The hair salon flyer/ad that brought in 165 clients in just 5 weeks. This promotion has been used many times by our Member salons all over the world, and works every time.

hollywoodThe 'Special Occasion' promotion "Hollywood Woman" - this promotion uses all the best principles of proven direct response marketing. Easy to edit in Word format so you can insert your own offers and pricing.


absoluteThe in-salon promotions that brought in $15,920 in extra sales in a single month. Million-dollar salon owner Tracey Orr used exactly these in-salon promotion templates to dramatically boost her sales from existing clients.


  • POSTCARD templates
  • Winning Hair Salon Ads
  • Medi-Spa advertising

...and much more.

Download Vol. #2 NowJust $49 - 30 Day Guarantee
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