…But my salon is in a small town/poor area/drought-affected region/full of old people blah blah blah…By salonhowto.com – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

…But my salon is in a small town/poor area/drought-affected region/full of old people blah blah blah…By salonhowto.com – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

…. so your kind of marketing won’t work for me…”

Oh, woe is me. I’ve heard this so many times, I’ve actually given up gouging my own eyes out with a sharp spoon. But I was reminded of this common excuse for failure by a number of reports this week from Inner Circle members equipped with the Toolkit, in widely-differing – but similarly ‘disadvantaged’ – geographical areas.

While the rest of the population moans about soaring fuel prices, rising – or falling – interest rates (there’ll always be somebody complaining, either way), un-responsive clients, Paris Hilton (there’ll always be somebody complaining about her) and anything else they can use as an excuse for their own lack of action, these salon & spa owners have done what more should do: ignore all outside influences, focus on what’s been proven to WORK, and just do it.


Susan Woodbury of Village Image, New Hampshire. "Recession? Phooey!"

Susan Woodbury of Village Image, New Hampshire. “Recession? Phooey!”

From Belmont, New Hampshire, recent Inner Circle member Susan Woodbury of Village Image reports My numbers are unbelievable!…in June were up $4100. These numbers are from doing my thank you letters to new customers and sending them vouchers for their next visit, as well as sending out thank you cards with vouchers to my clients who refer others. I would love to do a quarter million this year but I think it’ll be next year. But I’m going to try like hell. So from this year vs. last year… my numbers are up by $26,316.13. Recession? Phooey!”

Then there’s IC member Karelle Johnson, for example. Karelle’s Face & Body Therapies is in a little town on the far south coast of New South Wales. In a so-called ‘depressed’ area of mainly elderly residents, Karelle sent a Toolkit-based offer with a $95 ticket price to 500 clients on her database.

“Within TWO DAYS,” says Karelle, “we’d sold 28 packages, that’s nearly $2,700 in sales, plus product they bought, and follow-up bookings, and it cost me $300 to print and post the letters.”

(For INNER CIRCLE members, login to the Members Only ‘Sealed Section’ and you’ll find the letter Karelle used, in the ‘marketing to existing clients’ category.)

Then there was Inner Circle member Irene Wardrop, whose salon is in a suburban area of Hobart, Tasmania – hardly a city recognised for being an economic powerhouse. During a Call-In Day for members this week, Irene let it slip that she’d paid $600 run a simple ad straight out of the Toolkit in her local newspaper (page 13, for those interested) and ‘within 4 days had THIRTY ONE brand new clients, who will each be worth on average $1,500 to me over the next year’. (Let’s say Irene only keeps 20 of those new clients – so that’s a mere $30,000 in extra annual revenue, from one ad, run on one Saturday. So what would I do now? Yup…run the same damn ad, EVERY week…. until it stops working!)


...But my salon is in a small town/poor area/drought-affected region/full of old people blah blah blah...By salonhowto.com - Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

Chris Burkinshaw of Turning Heads hairdressing – cheap ad brought in 15 new clients in 24 hours

And from Wagga, a regional city of just 60,000 people in the middle of drought-affected New South Wales, and surrounded by dozens of competitors, IC member Chris Burkinshaw of Turning Heads hairdressing, is creating his own economy, instead of complaining about the one the media tries to impose on him.

A Page 3 ad in the local paper, costing $265 and run yesterday morning (July 2, 2008) produced ELEVEN new clients by 11am that morning, at an up-front sale of $99 each, plus another 4 by the next morning – that’s 15 new clients, average annual value $1,000 each, in 24 hours. You can’t do it any better than that.

(BONUS for Inner Circle members: you’ll find the exact ad that Chris used, under ‘Getting new clients – hair’ in the Members-only ‘sealed section’, www.worldwidesalonmarketing.com/members )

And that’s in a so-called ‘depressed’ area of the country. Two days ago, I interviewed two prospective Inner Circle members, in two different countries. Both claimed their salons had suffered because of geography, of location in a low socio-economic area, of penny-pinching customers who constantly demanded discounts. Initially, both salon owners explained that they feared raising their prices because ‘my customers couldn’t afford to pay more…’

Then I said something that shocked both of these salon owners:

“Ask your customers if they own a big, shiny plasma TV…!”

And I’ll bet 90% of them would say ‘yes‘. And if retail studies are correct, most of them would have purchased their new plasma TV in the past 12 months. So, still think your customers are broke and can’t afford your services?

Tellingly, ONE of these salon owners immediately began to see that it was her thinking that was holding her back….and exclaimed ‘why didn’t I think of that!’ when I talked her through just ONE no-brainer strategy that would add over $360,000 to her annual revenue in the next 12 months. She was admitted into the program.

The other salon owner continued to argue with me that ‘this wouldn’t work in my area, my customers wouldn’t respond to that kind of stuff.” I politely declined her application.

Interesting observation: According to US marketing guru Dan Kennedy,‘under normal conditions, only 10% of customers always buy by price, their decisions governed by price, because they have no choice. This group is largely made up of “working poor”, low-wage working people with more mouths to feed than they can afford food for. Nothing wrong with them as people. A lot to admire – except the choice they make that keep them poor.

‘But no good reason to have them – or worse, seek them out as customers. Yet, strangely, most business owners focus 90% of their energy on price even while only 10% of customers decide based on price. However, there are 20% who make most buying decisions with little weight given to price or cheapest price, and 5% who never consider price….’

So, which customers do you want? It is my contention that you get the customers you deserve.


The above quote was taken from an extensive interview I recently conducted with Dan, the most astute, highly-paid direct response marketing consultant in America today.

For Inner Circle members only, you can get the entire interview with Dan, downloadable in .pdf form, in the members only ‘sealed section’ under ‘Free Resources’ – go here: www.worldwidesalonmarketing.com/members

…But my salon is in a small town/poor area/drought-affected region/full of old people blah blah blah… – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327