Do you exceed your customer’s expectations, or merely satisfy them? By – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

Do you exceed your customer’s expectations, or merely satisfy them? By – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

On Wednesday last week I got one of those phone calls that made my stomach turn.  My mum, who lives with my dad on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, called to tell me that my dad had had a heart attack.  At the time I took the call I was pottering around the Sydney shops with my wife Rachael, killing some time before heading back to New Zealand after two action packed days at the Salon Profit Seminar and Inner Circle Academy.  At that point, nothing else mattered and my primary goal was to get from Sydney to Noosa as quickly as possible.

In a state of shock from the news, Rachael and I walked into the Flight Centre Galeries in Downtown Sydney and explained our situation.  We were literally 4 hours away from flying back to New Zealand and needed advice and quickly!

Do you exceed your customer’s expectations, or merely satisfy them? By - Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

The Exceptional Service Award Goes to Rick Monk of The Flight Centre, Sydney Galeries.

Luckily, the fellow we had sat down in front of not only understands customer satisfaction but knew how to totally exceed all of our expectations of what a travel agent could do for us.  For those of you who saw John Lees presentation in Sydney, this guy, Rick the travel agent is definitely at the top of the triangle.

Rick explained before he called Air NZ that sometimes Airlines choose not to re-route flights and would end up charging me for a new flight.  To make matters even more tricky, the original flights were booked through a different online agent, both our bookings were made as one, so the booking had to be split to allow Rachael to travel back to NZ and me to fly to Brisbane, and the e-ticket didn’t even have a reference or booking number on it.

Rick spoke with the Air NZ agent and explained our situation clearly.  After a few moments he gave me a smile and wrote on a piece of paper and handed it to me…


Rick had managed to cancel my Sydney flight and re-route out of Brisbane a few days later for a small additional fee.   When he got off the phone, he explained that he had told the Air NZ agent the message they needed to hear. ..

‘Tell them what they need to know.  It makes it easier for them to make a decision quickly’

…boy did this guy know his stuff or what?  Who has children and knows what happens when you give them too many options?  Yet sometimes we forget this in business and offer our clients so many options that we confuse them and they choose the easiest option – nothing.

Sure, this is what you would expect a travel agent might be able to do for you on 3 hours notice.  And had he stopped here we would merely have been satisfied customers, not raving evangelists for the Flight Centre.  Rick then went onto book a flight to Brisbane at the exact same time that Rachael needed to check in as well so that we could share a taxi, aware that we had missed our shuttle because of the unexpected news and proceeded to not only book and prepay a hire car to be waiting for me in Brisbane but had it pre-authorised because our credit card was playing up in the Australian system.  He even made duplicates of everything and told us which ones we’d need when we went to claim travel insurance.   And most of these he did simultaneously with a phone on each ear and his fingers on a website.

I had multi-tasking envy and wondered how any man could do this!!!

Like a true expert, Rick had thought of things that hadn’t even crossed our minds yet and he shared his knowledge with us making our experience so much better than it could have been.

It’s times like this that I realise that money CAN buy happiness.  A few years ago there is no way I would have been able to drop everything and afford 2 extra flights and a hire car no matter how much I wanted to be with my family.  Wealth buys you options and can help take care of you and those you love.  Without it, you’re screwed.  For years I worked for free for ‘the love of it’, now I work for profit and spend it on what I love and I’d never go back.

But back to Rick.  Now, I’m the type of guy that WILL NOT  purchase anything from your shop if you can’t even crack a smile as I enter, so I figure when I’m given exceptional service I am going to sing about it from the rooftops.  Rick had no idea when he made my day easier last Wednesday that I have the ability to pass on his merits to 20,000 people who receive this email.  Just like you never know when you impress someone who they know.  But you can sure as anything guarantee that they will tell everyone that they know about you!  And if you’re ever in Sydney and need a remarkable travel agent, please visit my new friend, Rick Monk and tell him Chris Sanders sent you.

Do you exceed your customer’s expectations, or merely satisfy them?  – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327