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Salon Marketing - Little Hinges Swing Big Doors By - Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

Two Dogs alcoholic lemonade. Yes, it IS relevant to this story. Read on.

Salon Marketing – Little Hinges Swing Big Doors By – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

A few weeks ago, long-time Inner Circle Premium member and million-dollar salon owner Tracey Orr sparked a storm of comment, support, ‘AHA’ moments and ‘Wow’ letters from other Members when she posted a stunningly-simple but effective method she uses to get her staff to sell.

Tracey calls it her ‘buddy system’ and it’s been instrumental in sending her retail sales through the roof.

From Tracey, in Tasmania, the idea flew all the way to England where another IC Premium Member, Clare Cockell of The Reef in Maidstone, Kent, picked it up, implemented it in her salon and wrote this week:

“I did this ‘buddy system’ for one week. The targets I set were based on the employees previous 5 weeks retail sales. They had to hit their buddy’s average weekly target plus £30 more – as some average sales were very poor and I realized they should be a lot better!.

In the one week of the buddy system we took 65% of the amount of retail sales of the previous 5 weeks!!!

Brilliant! Thank you Tracey!”

(NOTE TO PREMIUM MEMBERS: If you have NOT yet studied this brilliant sales-boosting system, log in to the Members Only ‘sealed section’ here and draw yourself close to the screen. There’s also an audio interview with Tracey as she explains exactly how she does it.)

Little hinges really do swing big doors. It was yet another example of the power of belonging to a ‘mastermind’ group like the Inner Circle Premium program for salon businesses…. How a single, tiny kernel of information can have the momentum to empower lives, drive sales, change perceptions and create wealth, halfway across the globe.

Another idea that came from one of our Members, Sandy Mott, was a way of offering ‘mini-memberships’ that kept clients coming back and spending more and more money. Sandy even provided the exact marketing piece she used to promote the program to her clients.

Salon Marketing - Little Hinges Swing Big Doors By - Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

Stephen Green of Streamline Hair Design picked one good idea and made money with it

The idea took off. Members all over the world took it up, including Stephen Green of Streamline Hair Design in Lakewood, New South Wales.

As Stephen writes in the Members Only section,

“I ran the mini membership a few weeks ago for the second time with the same response, we sold 17 memberships in 2 days. The memberships are a great way to bring in money fast. It is designed to be sent to your existing clients who already know how good your service is. Let’s face it, it’s a great deal, paying $200 for $350 worth of services.”

(NOTE TO PREMIUM MEMBERS: if you log in here you’ll find not only Sandy’s original post on the strategy of mini-memberships, but the actual marketing piece used to promote it, and a bunch of comments from members underneath.)

It’s ideas like these that prove the power of belonging to a ‘mastermind’ group like the Inner Circle Premium program. Years ago, when I started developing the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit® that forms the backbone of the program, I had little idea then that eventually, the thing would take on a life of its own.

These days, there are as many profitable ideas and strategies flowing between members themselves, via the Members ‘sealed section’ as there are from our own office out to members. For the many hundreds lucky enough to be in the program, the days of plodding off to the salon every morning, tiresomely re-inventing the wheel and plodding off home again – and doing it day after day after day – are long gone.

There IS power and immense support being part of a group. Yet the vast majority of salon & spa owners continue to live lives of quiet desperation, isolated from each other – and therefore isolated from the collective knowledge and experience of each other – because of the very fragmented nature of the industry.

Some say they just can’t justify the ‘expense’ of Membership, failing to recognise it’s an investment. You can’t operate a hair salon without chairs. Are they an investment, or an expense?

Yet so many cannot, will not make that life-changing differentiation. For those who do, all it often takes to pay for itself is a single, tiny idea – and the action to implement it – that might come from the other side of the world.

Many years ago, a citrus farmer in South Australia had large quantities of excess lemons he couldn’t offload. A neighbour, Duncan McGillivray came up with a new drink, an alcoholic lemonade. But the secret, as it so often is, was in the naming of the product.

It was launched onto the world market with a global-ready name that more than  ‘nudge nudge, wink wink’ connection to one of the oldest, funniest dirty jokes ever told. He called this new lemon brew


(And no, here is not the place for the joke. Buy me a beer sometimes and I’ll tell you.) A few years later, when the brand was sold to a multi-national for gazillions, the now-wealthy farmer was famously quoted as saying “you only need one good idea in your life.

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