We get (lots of) mail…By salonhowto.com – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

We get (lots of) mail…By salonhowto.com – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

One of the great things about my job (as co-founder and CEO) at Worldwide Salon Marketing is getting to choose who we do business with, deciding which salon and spa owners get to be part of the Inner Circle program, and who does not.

Deciding who you will allow to be your customers and who you will deny access to your products and services is a luxury that most business do not have, particularly in tough times, but one that ALL businesses should strive to attain, because it not only makes doing business more pleasant, it also gives your business immense and enviable strength, resilience and ‘desirability’.

So at WSM we have a deliberate policy – we strive to ‘screen’ the more than 100 applications for Membership we receive every month, so that only those salon & spa owners who can demonstrate what I call a ‘success mindset’ get to be a part of our worldwide entrepreneurial co-operative of ‘go-getter’ business owners in the beauty industry.

Sometimes the process fails, and the result bites us on the bum; we end up with a ‘project’ Member, for whom the glass is always half-empty, who contantly finds reasons why something won’t work, who is perpetually blaming ‘the system’, the government, the environment or Britney Spears for their misfortune in life…instead of looking inward, at the real cause.

But most of the time, we get what I call the ‘Top Twenty-Percenters”, those who already have that elusive ‘success mindset’, for whom the glass is half-full, those who already know that success is simply Education + ACTION + Persistence. And all they need to speed up that process is tools, strategies and guidance which have been proven beyond reasonable doubt to work, when applied.

It’s from those Members that we get a constant stream of mail, even brand new ones like Graham Bannister of Wentworth Hairdressing in Auckland, New Zealand, to our NZ franchisee Chris Sanders and Rachael D’Aguiar…

We get (lots of) mail...By salonhowto.com - Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327“…the staff are still in shock as to what has happened!”
Graham Bannister, Wentworth Hairdressing, Auckland, NZ

“Just to give you an update on this week’s marketing. We ran the ad that we discussed on Friday in the H&P Times and printed 500 flyers for the Hollywood Package for New Clients. Sent out an SMS and email to existing clients for the Envy Package.

“Things started out a but rough on Tuesday morning, mainly my fault, as I arrived 10 mins later than everyone else in the salon and the answer machine was full of people making enquires about the package we were selling!! With being busy on Friday and Saturday I didn’t have time to fully brief all the details of the packages to the staff, they just knew we were running an ad. Which they weren’t to happy about, as I had shown them a mockup of what we were promoting on Thursday night (I think I mentioned this on Friday morning during our chat).

“So after explaining the packages and what was involved, they still weren’t impressed!! By 3pm on the Tuesday we had sold 11 Hollywood packages (new clients) and 8 Envy packages (existing) clients. I then went and delivered the flyers I had printed. When I returned at closing we had sold 15 Hollywood Packages and 11 Envy packages. Lets just say that the staff were a bit happier.

“The Hollywood packages were all sold out by 11am on Wednesday, and we only have 4 Envy packs left. We are still getting people phoning about the Hollywood packages, I decided not to sell any more at this stage, as the staff are still in shock as to what has happened. But we are getting people’s details and adding them to the data base so we can send them our SMS offers in the future. One of the seniors came up to me last night and apologised for being closed-minded, and said after 14 years in the industry she hasn’t seen that kind of response to an advert before! So a BIG THANKYOU CHRIS and to the GUYS at Salon Marketing!!!!”

If you think you have the same kind of attitude as Graham, then you’ll be welcomed as an Inner Circle member. Go here to apply for one of only 30 Memberships we grant each month. And when you demonstrate the kind of get up and go that Graham has, we’ll be happy to tell the world about it.

We get (lots of) mail…– Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327