What are YOU doing to earn the consumers Trust? By salonhowto.com – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

What are YOU doing to earn the consumers Trust? By salonhowto.com - Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

The Trust is Gone! What are you doing to earn it back?
Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

What are YOU doing to earn the consumers Trust? By salonhowto.com – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327

Consumer confidence is a fragile and delicate item.

It takes month and years to build up, through long sequences of events where the client and the salon share experiences. In an instant, it can be smashed into a million pieces, and for some clients, there is no going back to the salon.

Consumers are now realizing that the grass is not greener on the other side, and now feel that the daily deal websites and salons were “ripping them off”. The deals that they were signing up for, at what everyone could see were ridiculous prices for any services based business to try and honour, are proving to be bad experiences.. This was taken from an email that was sent across my screen earlier this week… It is about a value add offer that was sent to an existing client of a salon, as part of their marketing for the month.

“Thank you,

But please do not email me this type of thing.

I have a voucher for a salon that refuses to honour as they are booked out before the expiry and the voucher company won’t refund.
All this stuff is a scam. It works for some, but many people get ripped off. I have been ripped off three times now.
One company refunded – but it cost me so much hassle in between.
This is a fast way to lose friends.”
There are several issues here, but I will look at the basics of customer trust.

This shows to me that consumers have had enough of the daily deals websites that have been extremely successful at taking their money ( and making sales happen when they would never have happened ), and delivered an experience NOT to remember. Consumers are angry that it has taken up 12 months for them to receive their $20 haircut, which they have had to drive 90 minutes to get to. They have over promised and under delivered on the whole experience. (AS a side note – it shows the emotional power that these sites have as clients will purchase something that they never would normally purchase, in a location that they never go. It is interesting to see how human respond to different emotional stimulus.)

They bought something for the “NOW” emotion that comes with bidding – you want it now and if you win it releases endorphins that make you feel good. Everyone is happy. The salon picks up some income, the clients gets a good deal and the daily deal website makes money as well.

Fast forward to the actual reality that transpired. The salon is probably at breaking point with an owner that is trying to figure out where it went wrong, while trying not to pull their hair out. The client will be wondering why they bought something that they will only use once ( buyers remorse ) and never go near again because the customer service was so poor. The company will be inundated with requests for refunds as clients will not wait for their allotted time for their treatment.

So this begs the question – “What are you doing to earn the consumers trust?”

What are you doing to make them see you as a knight in shining armor, who will slay the multi headed daily deal beast with your sword and wisk them away to a place that is safe and warm, where it is all about them?

Building trust is one of the key foundations of any relationship in today’s economy. You will not see it on the stock exchanges of the world, but it does carry that power. One way that you can build trust is through keeping your appointment times consistent. By this I mean that you do not change them around on the clients. They need to know that once they have booked in that they are going to get the appointment time and day they wanted.

Also you can make sure that you stay in contact with them through monthly newsletters that educate and entertain the clients. Fill it with content that the clients will want to read. An example is the process of what happens to the skin when the seasons are changing, and what the skin will need to look it’s best during this time.

A follow up phone call to see how the treatment was for the new client, an old client as well as it shows the existing clients that you still care about them, can go along way to establishing trust in the clients mind.

Another way to build trust is to give them all the information that they want, so that they can educate themselves, and see that you are the obvious choice for the service that you provide.

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What are YOU doing to earn the consumers Trust? – Call Us Now On 618 9443 9327